2nd National Sexual and Reproductive Health Working Group Meeting took place in Ankara on July 5th, 2017. The meeting was organized with the partnership of Ministry of Health Women and Reproductive Health Department and UNFPA Turkey office. Among the participants were the relevant sections from the Ministry of Health, NGOs, and the associations operating in the field of sexual and reproductive health.

The opening remarks were done of Dr. Selen Örs, UNFPA Humanitarian Aid Program Coordinator; Dr. Sema Sanisoğlu, Ministry of Health Women and Reproductive Health Department and Dr. Gökhan Yıldırımkaya, UNDPA Reproductive Health Program Coordinator. The participants not only listened to the presentations but they also shared their observations from the field and discussed more effective ways of answering demands in the conditions of crisis.

The main aim of this Sexual and Reproductive Health in the Conditions of Emergency and Disaster Working Group is to develop a system that will be implemented in these urgent conditions to provide effective health services and preparedness. This group aims to establish a system to coordinate, plan, execute, monitor and evaluate Sexual and Reproductive Health services in the emergency and disaster conditions. To do that, the group members are working out an emergency plan which outlies the roles and responsibilities of the institutions and organizations that are involved in these working group meetings.